Meeting #1 Message
June 27, 2014
Hafa Adai and Welcome to the first official meeting of Rotary E-Club of Pago Bay Guam.
This meeting will focus on getting every Rotarian in our Club acquainted with the navigation basics of 
our E-Club Website utilizing resources provided by ClubRunner (the host of our website management 
platform). There will also be an opportunity to address potential questions that most new Rotarians 
frequently ask as well as sharing information on the purpose of an Rotary E-Club.
At the end of this E-Club meeting, please be sure to “Contact Us” with your thoughts and comments. We 
will compile these and post them on our website.
I hope you will enjoy the convenience this E-Club offers and look forward to your active participation in 
this online forum.
Yours in Rotary,
Annette Santos, President, ECPBG
Rotary E-Club of Pago Bay Guam
June 27, 2014 Meeting 
To guide you towards learning more about Rotary, please click on the following links produced by 
1. "Member Cheat Sheet" – this link will provide information on how to get started with logging 
in to to the Club Website. This guide is an excerpt of the extensive online help that is available 
on the website. To access the online Help, visit: I suggest you 
have this “Member Cheat Sheet” document within close access for reference, new Rotarians will 
appreciate this.
2. “eClub Frequently Asked Questions” – this link will clarify some common questions new 
Rotarians and potential new members may have. I think you will find it of great value.
3. “How do I login to my ClubRunner website?” – this link shows you how to access our club 
website, request and reset your password, login to the members-only area and update your 
member profile. You will find this video to be valuable as access to most Rotary information 
requires that you login.
4. “How to Edit Profile, Change Password, & Upload Photo” – this link will do just what the title 
5. “Email Message Center – How do I send out an email?” – this link guides you in the process of 
sending out targeted and personalized email messages, creating custom distribution lists and 
adding attachments.
6. See how Rotary impacts lives around the world by viewing this Rotary video: “Cote D’Ivoire: A 
Case Study in Polio Eradication.”
I hope you found this meeting to be useful in acquainting you with how to get started as a New Rotarian. 
It is further hoped that the video on polio eradication demonstrates how vast Rotary’s reach and impact 
is in communities around the world. 
Yours in Rotary,