Rotary E-Club of Pago Bay Guam
Charter Night Meeting: June 24, 2014
Welcome to this first inaugural meeting of the Rotary E-Club of Pago Bay Guam! We are holding our dinner meeting jointly with the Rotary Club of Guam Sunrise at the Pacific Star Hotel on June 24, 2014 at 6pm.   Since we are a new club, it helps to have wonderful sponsoring clubs to support us!
Brief History of the Rotary E-Club of Pago Bay Guam
Our club was created at the request of District 2750 in 2014 to support new and emerging potential members in the region to join Rotary International. Past President Ron McNinch of the Rotary Club of Tumon Bay was asked to be the District Governor’s Special Representative and he conducted a survey of Guam and the Pacific Basic Group Region for potential Rotary needs. In this survey, Past President McNinch found that there were a number of professional vocations and potential Rotarian groups not served by the current club structure in the region. Namely, teachers, government professionals, military service members and younger professionals had difficulty going every week during a lunch hour to attend in person meetings. The reasons were primarily work schedule related, this a 24/7 Rotary E-Club format was suggested to better serve this group.
After a careful analysis of the region was conducted, a working name was chosen for the club that reflected  the “PBG” in the “Pacific Basic Group,” thus the “Pago Bay Guam” location was chosen as the geographic site for this club. As such, it is the only Rotary Club on Guam not meeting every week on Guam’s Hotel Row in the Tumon area.
Following the sponsorship of the club by the Rotary Clubs of Tumon Bay and the Guam Sunrise Club, the club was established by a primary working group consisting of Takumi Watanabe, Luckie Sakamoto, Mark Tokito and Ron McNinch.
This club will be the fifth Rotary Club on Guam and the first E-Club in the Pacific Basin Group.  As part of this introduction and Charter Night Meeting, please review the following online materials:
Rotary History
Structure of Rotary International
District 2750
We hope you enjoy interacting with the Rotary E-Club of Pago Bay Guam and we hope you will visit our site in the near future!

Charter Night!

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