Greeting #12
September 19, 2014
 “Every Rotarian an Example to Youth.”
Hafa Adai, Pago Bay Guam Rotarians!
Welcome to our meeting #12. This month is New Generations Month and will include the slogan for the month in our meeting notes as a reminder to all. You are all encouraged to use this slogan to promote our events and activities throughout the month of September. In celebration of New Generations Month, Director John Rivera and I will participate in the Rotaract Youth Leadership Conference scheduled for September 27 at the Lotte Hotel, Crystal Ballroom.  Dr. Rivera will serve as a featured guest speaker and I will provide the concluding remarks.
Treasurer Zeny has been working diligently to get our financial structure in order. This has required extra effort on her part. I ask that when you see her around, please share your appreciation. Treasurer Zeny and/or Treasurer-Elect Goody will be contacting you shortly regarding your Rotary dues. Be expecting an invoice shortly, if you have not already received one.
Attendance is a very important responsibility as a Rotary member. As we are required to submit an attendance record to the District Governor’s office, you have been asked by Club Secretary Kris to send her an email to note your commitment to reading our meeting notes every week.  That means that upon reading this meeting note, you should send an email to Secretary Kris to let her know you have received the Meeting 12 Notes and have read them. Very simple, right?
I am still waiting on Committee Directors for Updates. Upon hearing from them, I will update you on their planned activities and events. If you are not affiliated with a committee, please contact any of the directors below to join or to learn more information.
  1. Ealani Flores – Public Relations Committee
  2. John Rivera – International and Community Service Committee (Idea for consideration: Neighborhood library)
  3. Karen Tydingco – Vocational (October) and New Generations (September) Committee. October is Rotary’s Vocational Service Month. Vocational and New Generations Committee Director, Karen Tydingco and her team are planning a Career Fair. Please be on the look out for a call for volunteers.
  4. Anita Arile – Membership Committee. December is Rotary Family Month, Committee Director, Anita Arile and her team are organizing an upcoming Rotary Christmas gathering. Tentative date is December 5.
  5. Mark Duarte – Fundraising Committee
Some upcoming events and announcements:
  1. PP Ron McNinch will hold Ethics Training on September 13, October 18 and December 6. More information will be provided.
  2. Joint Rotary Dictionary Drive. 3000 dictionaries are donated to 3rd graders in GDOE. Treasurer Zeny has volunteered to participate in this event.
  3. Rotary Club of Tumon Bay will hold its Melbourne Cup event on November 22nd at the Sheraton.
  4. I need a volunteer for the Joint Rotary Day event.
Please let me know what role you wish to play in our Rotary Club, our Board will be happy to engage you in some way. In the meantime, here are a couple of video links to learn more about Rotary's engagement with the youth in the spirit of New Generations month.
Yours in Rotary,
Annette Santos, President, RECPBG
RY 2014-2015