Greeting #20
November 14, 2014
Hafa Adai, Pago Bay Guam Rotarians!
The Pacific Basin Group Rotary Clubs were busy this month with official Rotary business. This began with an official visit from District Governor Sakamoto including individual Club meetings.  Thank you to Secretary Kris and Treasurer Zeny for representing our eClub.
On Wednesday and Thursday, Secretary Kris and I participated in the Pacific Basin Group meeting with District 2750 Foundation Members. During this one and a half day seminar we shared our planned service projects and learned more about district funding and global funding opportunities. At our next officers’ meeting we hope to identify key service projects for which we will seek funding.
Committee Director Updates: If you are not affiliated with a committee, please contact any of the directors below to join or to learn more information. We would really love to have you engaged and need lots of help.
  1. Public Relations Committee (Ealani Flores): None
  2. International and Community Service Committee (John Rivera): Please work with Toda-san regarding Polio projects for our Club.
  3. Vocational and New Generations (Karen Tydingco): None.
  4. Membership Committee (Anita Arile): December is Rotary Family Month, Committee Director, Anita Arile and her team are organizing an upcoming Rotary Christmas gathering. Please save the date: December 6.
  5. Fundraising Committee (Mark Duarte): activities in planning.
  • Please pay your Rotary dues immediately. You should have received an invoice from Treasurer Zeny.
  • Attendance is a very important responsibility as a Rotary member. As we are required to submit an attendance record to the District Governor’s office, you are asked to read the weekly meeting notes and then kindly send Secretary Kris an email or leave a comment on Facebook to document your attendance of our meeting. Secretary Kris will be reaching out to every member to confirm membership.
  • Joint Rotary Day activities will be two days in January.  Planning a day with the public and a tailgate BBQ for Rotary members and their families. Details to follow.
  • RC Tumon Bay President Rindraty Limtiaco reported on a Joint Rotary meeting set for Thursday, November 20.  RCTB-Rotarian Tom Camacho is in charge.  This will be a designated face-to-face meeting for our Club. Secretary Kris is our Club representative.
  • PP Ron McNinch will hold Ethics Training on December 6. More information will be provided.
  • Joint Rotary Dictionary Drive. 3000 dictionaries are donated to 3rd graders in GDOE. Treasurer Zeny has volunteered to participate in this event.
  • Rotary Club of Tumon Bay will hold its Melbourne Cup event on November 22nd at the Sheraton.
Please let me know what role you wish to play in our Rotary Club, our Board will be happy to engage you in some way. In the meantime, here is some information on a Rotary Service project that we may consider organizing on Guam. 
Yours in Rotary,
Annette Santos, President, RECPBG
RY 2014-2015