Greeting #22
December 5, 2014
Hafa Adai, Pago Bay Guam Rotarians!
I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving celebration and enjoying the holiday season!
December is officially designated “Family Month” in the Rotary calendar. As we celebrate the Christmas season, there are many activities that bring family and friends together in celebration. It is also a time to reflect on family values and how Rotary shapes those values. As we find ourselves busy with the season, we often are confronted with having to prioritize our time. Many of you will typically prioritize in the following order of importance: family, work and then Rotary. But, why should we isolate Rotary from our family life? In Rotary, particularly our Rotary E-Club, our families are an integral part of Rotary activities.
Where it is difficult for the family to be involved on a regular basis with our Rotary activities, wouldn’t it be a great idea to set aside a day to host some event that involves all of our families. Some Clubs have Christmas parties for the children and some Clubs make one of their regular meetings a family Christmas function. It is important that our families understand what our commitment to Rotary is about. What better way than to include them in a December Family Month event.
While there were some challenges trying to plan out a Rotary Family Month event, we remain committed to bringing our Rotarians together. Our E-Rotary Club will celebrate our “Family Month” celebration at the Hilton Guam Resort and Spa, Caffé’ Cino on Sunday, December 7, 2014 at 10 am. Please join us if your schedule permits.
Committee Director Updates: If you are not affiliated with a committee, please contact any of the directors below to join or to learn more information. We would really love to have you engaged and need lots of help.
  1. Public Relations Committee (Ealani Flores): None
  2. International and Community Service Committee (John Rivera): Director John will provide a proposal of his committee’s service activity and parameters for participation.
  3. Vocational and New Generations (Karen Tydingco): None.
  4. Membership Committee (Anita Arile): December is Rotary Family Month, Committee Director, Anita Arile and her team are organizing an upcoming Rotary Christmas gathering. Please save the date: December 7.
  5. Fundraising Committee (Mark Duarte): activities in planning. PP Ron suggested a Poker Night event.
  • Please pay your Rotary dues immediately. You should have received an invoice from Treasurer Zeny.
  • Attendance is a very important responsibility as a Rotary member. As we are required to submit an attendance record to the District Governor’s office, you are asked to read the weekly meeting notes and then kindly send Secretary Kris an email or leave a comment on Facebook to document your attendance of our meeting. Secretary Kris will be reaching out to every member to confirm membership.
  • Joint Rotary Day activities will be two days in January.  Planning a day with the public and a tailgate BBQ for Rotary members and their families. Details to follow.
  • RC Tumon Bay President Rindraty Limtiaco reported on a Joint Rotary meeting set for Thursday, November 20.  RCTB-Rotarian Tom Camacho is in charge.  This will be a designated face-to-face meeting for our Club. Secretary Kris is our Club representative.
  • PP Ron McNinch will hold Ethics Training on December 27, 10:00 am at UOG Jesus & Eugenia Leon Guerrero Business and Public Administration Building.
Please let me know what role you wish to play in our Rotary Club, our Board will be happy to engage you in some way.
Yours in Rotary,
Annette Santos, President, RECPBG
RY 2014-2015